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FieldTech TRAPLINK X400
One Receiver, and one remote control.


Choose from the flat 3 pin Bowman,  Promatic, Bidwell, Acorn connector, or the newer round Promatic 4 pin connector. We also supply Laporte connectors.


  • The Traplink X400 system supports up to four receivers being assigned to the same remote control.
  • Rolling code remote controls prevent the trap being fired by an unauthorized remote control or interference.
  • Tested to a range of 150 meters line of sight. For best results mount the receiver off the ground on a stake.
  • IP68 Fully weatherproof enclosure and cable entry glands
  • Two year warranty and manufactured in the U.K
  • Powered by the Trap
Should you use a different brand of trap and intend to rewire your release cable, choose the flat 3 pin connector from the option, and we will also include a three pin socket. Please contact us for wiring diagrams.

Traplink X400

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