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  • Which countries do you ship to?
    We supply our systems worldwide. in some cases, a custom shipping quotation will need to be provided for your order due to how wideley this can vary from country to country.
  • What is the maximum transmission power you can provide?
    This is dependant on the laws of your country. within the united kingdom, this is 100mw. The technology however behind the transmission power plays more of a pivotal role. With our cutting edge technology able to mitigate against most types of interference, we can reach great distances, even with a low transmission power. Please contact us for more information and an approximation of range.
  • We require a custom controller. can you accomodate this?
    By all means. With FieldTech manufacturing in house, we can create our own circuit boards and designs to meet the clients need. If this is a design which other people would be interested in too, then there would be no development cost required, just the retail value which we always make sure is competitive within the market.
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