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The Traplink WAVE 1CH controller contains all of the features you would come to find on a Traplink Pro 1CH controller


  • Instant trap release speeds
  • A "Follow By" mode, launching a second clay three seconds after the first
  • A Solo audible countdown
  • 2KM Range capable of tackling the most severe of terrain and obstacles



But of course in addition to these features, the WAVE has the Lapel Microphone.

Once plugged in, the remote control detects it and transforms itself into a handsfree delight, giving you an unparalleled shooting experience.


  • Press the button to arm, and call Pull to launch the clay so fast that it'll already be on its way by the time you've finished the word.
  • The Follow By button transforms  into the On Report button, giving you a second clay on the crack of your first shot.
  • Rather not have to push a button? Hold down the SOLO button to go totally handsfree. After the last shot the system will re-arm itself automatically 8 seconds later - giving you plenty of time to reload and make ready.
  • No Bird Detection. If your shot is not heard either in On Report or Handsfree mode, the system will reset back to the first target.


See the full video demonstration above or on youtube! The video shows the TrapLink WAVE Skeet controller, however the functionality is the same - Just this one supports just the one trap.


An incredible remote control compatible with the TrapLink Pro Receivers. Not Included.



Traplink WAVE Microphone enabled Single Channel controller

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