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The Almighty Traplink Professional  System


A single channel remote control including a PP3 battery. please note receivers are sold seperately.



Our radios use spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction techniques to make the communication robust against noise and interference and to increase the receiver sensitivity. What this means to you is trouble free, reliable clay launching time and time again. Over distances so far, that whatever your vision of how your course layout should be, Traplink Pro will deliver and exceed your needs.


  • Requires minimal energy, with prolonged battery lifetime
  • Tested to a distance of 1 mile across an urban environment
  • So powerful the signal can penetrate the deepest of brush,woodland, and brick trap houses.
  • Belt clip on the back of the remote control.
  • easy to push trap  release button with positive feedback
  • Solo Delay mode, which when enabled gives a 3 second count down before the trap fires. Illuminated button when enabled. See the video!
  • Simulated following Pairs. When enabled, you will receive two clays three seconds apart to simulate on report pairs. Illuminated button when enabled.
  • Arrives preprogrammed so it can be used straight out of the box! The unit can however be reprogrammed with a selection of over 60,000 addresses.


  • The Receivers are Available with the Flat Promatic, Acorn, Bowman 3 pin connector, or the new  Promatic 4 pin round type. Please contact us for other makes of trap
  • 2 meters of cable
  • Supports magnetic programming tools.

Traplink Pro Single channel remote control

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