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New for November 2023! now all of the buttons are large in size making it perfect for those who like to sport gloves during these colder months. This remote also comes with the latest and greatest version of code for even faster trap release times and superior stability to get the most out of our 5th Generation TrapLink Professional Receivers.


Adding onto the Almighty Traplink range, comes a product so exciting we're tempted to slip one away for ourselves.


The SPORTRAP controller has our pedigree Radio technology at the heart of the system, boasting ranges of upto 1 mile. This means regardless of the obstactles which may lay in wait between yourself and the trap, rest assured that the signal has the umpth to deliver, for a trouble free commercial grade experience.


  • 5 Receivers Included. Everything you need minus the traps!
  • Internal Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery pack for days of uninterrupted use.
  • Buttons laid out to mimic the menus of a Sportrap / 5 stand layout.
  • Stainless steel IP Rated buttons, for longevity
  • Confirmation beep upon a button press
  • Paired to the Traplink Pro receivers with a wave of the magnet tool
  • One hand operation, allowing scores to be written down with the other
  • Rubber feet for a sturdy deskmount solution



The Almighty Traplink Professional Receiver


Compatible with the professional range of remote controls, and packed with the latest wireless technology. Our radios use spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction techniques to make the communication robust against noise and interference and to increase the receiver sensitivity. What this means to you is trouble free, reliable clay launching time and time again. Over distances so far, that whatever your vision of how your course layout should be, Traplink Pro will deliver and exceed your needs.


  • Available with the Flat Promatic 3 pin connector, or the new 4 pin round type.
  • Tested to a distance of 1 mile across an urban environment
  • To program, simply wave the magnet over the top of the unit while the remote control is in program mode. (Magnet tool included with all Remote controls) There's also a button inside just incase you misplace the magnet tool.
  • So powerful the signal can penetrate the deepest of brush and woodland.
  • 2 meters of cable
  • Automatically assigned, and more than 60,000 possible addresses

Sportrap System

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