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Enhance the experience of using our Sequencer systems by installing Lamps on each of your 5 stands.


  • Lights illuminate automatically when it’s their time to shoot.
  • Each light is cabled back to the Processor unit, and the processor unit wirelessly links back to the sequencer system.
  • Terminated with enough cable to accommodate a 20 Meter wide stand layout (as per the maximum permitted by FITASC), with a Lamp installation height of 1 meter.
  • Quick connectors fitted as standard for rapid connection and disconnection from the Processor unit.
  • System powered by a 12V source.


Eradicates the mistakes of gunners moving into the wrong stand while they are meant to be in the waiting circle.

Ours surveys find competitors are more relaxed allowing them to focus on the birds rather than when their turn is up next.

LampLink - Compatible with Sequencer products

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