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Compak Sequencer full system

6 Receivers included and pre-programmed so you're good to go straight out of the box.


Compak made easy! Program in any of the 40 FITASC menus, and cycle through the entire competition by just pressing the pull button. If the competitor misses, press the Miss button to count their score. At the end of the round, the scores are displayed onscreen.


  • Program in any combination of menus
  • Set any Squad size up to 6
  • Pressing Pull cycles through all of the targets and competitors automatically
  • Automatically advances past empty stands when the squad count is less than 6
  • Utilises the waiting circle regardless of squad size
  • No Bird button to reset the target
  • Advance button for convenience, just in case the need arises to step forward.
  • Keeps scores by pressing the Miss Button.
  • All targets can be individually presented using the 6 channel buttons
  • Built in Lithium Polymer battery pack capable of running constantly for a few days on one charge.
  • Receivers are paired with a wave of the magnetic programming tool
  • Compatible with LampLink

Compak Sequencer full system

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