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The card management terminal serves as the Club house's tool for creating and managing all of the cards on the ground. Check out these features:


Every customer is given a Unique identifier and it is hard coded into this unit, and all of the counter systems on the ground. This prevents someone from being able to steal a counter system off your stand, and use it on their system as it wouldn't be compatible.


Token Code: Change the token and insert a groundman card into The card management terminal. Now simply insert the card into all of the counter systems on your ground to update to the new token code. Now the counter systems will accept cards with the correct token code. Useful if cards have gone missing and you would like to refresh your security to prevent unauthorised cards being used on your ground.


Cards from other grounds will not work. When cards are inserted into your Card management terminal, they are hard written with your unique identifier (See above feature) and the token code. Both of these codes need to match on any of the counter systems in order to be used.


Issue cards: Insert a blank FieldTech card and you can create your own member cards, or groundsman cards which are used for configuring the counter systems out on the ground.


Set whether you are to be in COUNT UP, where every clay used is stored onto the card for billing at the end of their round, or COUNT DOWN mode, where you can add clay credits to their card using the Card management terminal, where they can shoot away until they run out of credits.


Set the maximum clays allowed to be stored on a card before preventing the customer from being able to use any more clays



Card Management Terminal

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