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NetLink - more than a counter system!


Set the ground for counting up, or counting down, to suit your business model.


Unique identifier prevents cards from other grounds being able to be used on your system. As a second layer of security, the token code can be updated by yourselves, which will prevent missing cards from being used. Read more about these features on the card management Terminal.


Solo Delay: Giving an audible 4 second countdown before the clay flys


Followings Pairs: Allowing the user to select an A followed by a B, or a B followed by an A, 3 seconds apart.


No Bird Reporting: When the 'Report No birds to club' button is pushed, the screen will ask the user to select which trap was acting up. once pressed, this information is sent using our high powered radio transmission back to the clubhouse, and displayed on Groundsman, our bespoke Windows based software which monitors your ground. This can be run on a PC or laptop. Groundsman doesn't just monitor no birds, it will give you live reports of clay usage being used out in the field, along with all of the voltages of your traps batteries.



Groundsman cards are able to set the following features:

  • Lock out the stand preventing its use, or a specific trap
  • Free Play - where a card is not required in order to launch clays. note that when this feature is turned on and off, it is reported back to the clubhouse on the groundsman software
  • Set the stand number
  • Pair Traps using our magnetic programming tool
  • Trap Config: Set the delay before permitting another clay to give the trap an opportunity to reload
  • Set if one or two clays is used on each button press
  • Remote Type: select between a 2 button or 4 button remote control. (4 button remote to be released soon)
  • Set the data address: which is used for reporting data back to the clubhouse



Included are two 5th Generation receivers giving you the full package for the stand.


5th generation receivers have upto a 1 mile range so regardless of where you have positioned the trap, you can rest assured it will fire, every single time.


The receivers have a Spanner icon on one side which shows where to swipe past the magnetic programming tool for pairing, and a clay Icon on the other side. When the magnetic tool is swiped passed the clay icon, it will tell the clubhouse that the trap has been filled up. The Grounsman software will now monitor the traps clay level and let you know when it's getting low.

2 Channel Counter System

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