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New from FieldTech, comes FieldTech Air! Introducing our range of interactive electronic air rifle targets.


These are sold singularly, but we have posted a video showing four in use which we have mounted to the back of a sleeper we happened to have laying around, to show how fun these are when a set of them are used.


They are powered by a 12V source (Not included), and come with a 1.5M cable for you to connect to the power supply of your choice. This could be a lead acid 12V 7Ah battery similar as to what is used in alarm panels, or even an old car battery if you happen to have one spare.


These targets know when they have been shot, so they only draw 1Amp for one second to stand the target back up again. While in standby they draw as little as 20milliamps each, so needless to say the battery will last for a very long time!


Each time the target is shot, a random timer is triggered. The target will pop up again anywhere between 4 and 20 seconds, so you never know which one is going to appear in your crosshairs next,


The target is cut from thick 3mm steel to ensure it wont bend (Designed for sub 12ft/lb only).

Everything has been powder coated for longevity, even the target. This will of course chip off of the target as it is shot and will need to be touched up with a paint of your choice.


Lastly, thank you for coming along to take a look. FieldTech is a family business who loves to shoot. As you can see by our website for the past two years we have been catering for the clay pigeon market, but as avid air gunners too, we couldn't resist dipping our toes into this pond too. Thank you for your support.


We will update the pictures on this product once we have taken some professional images.


Lastly, demand for these is very high. There will be a delay from the time of you placing an order to dispatch, with the next batch looking to post out on the 15th December. They will be processed on a first come first served basis so if you would like some, please place your order to reserve your rats.

10mm electronic Air Rifle Pistol Target

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